Ancestors Project

You may send Submissions anytime throughout the Year
for All Souls! Thank you for participating.

The Ancestors Project is a way for the public to permanently memorialize their loved ones in the Procession. It is one of the most inclusive of the ASP Projects, where participants are invited to submit photographs of their ancestry and recently deceased into a digital memorial that is projected along the Procession route and at the Grand Finale. You can also submit a photograph and a brief story about your loved one to be included in our All Souls Stories Facebook album.

Anyone can participate in this project, which is mostly executed over the Internet. The images collected every year become part of the Ancestors Archive, an “evolving digital altar” that is one of the many legacies of the Procession and its radical inclusivity. The following slideshow is a brief sample from the Archive.

Certain images submitted to the Ancestors Project may be color-corrected and cropped. In no way will images be distorted, cut-up, or edited as to misrepresent, and/or change the likeness of the main subject in the photo. Many Mouths One Stomach, organizers of the All Souls Procession, agrees to treat all submitted images with the utmost care and respect. Past years images are placed in the MMOS Archive.

By submitting images to the Ancestors Project you acknowledge that the above information is understood and give MMOS permission to use the images for publicity purposes.

1. Image sizes should be saved as a JPEG and not exceed 3 MB.

2. Participants can submit up to 7 images.

3. Provide some background on the photo: Who’s in the picture? Provide full names and general ages as best as possible. Where was the photo taken? What is going on in the picture?

4. Provide your full name, age, and where you live (town, state, country).

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