2014 Lantern and Mask Making Workshops

Artists Mykl Wells is heading up the new 2014 All Souls Lantern & Mask Making Workshops!

Community workshops for participants of the All Souls Procession Workshops run every weekend, Saturday and Sunday

The budget for these amazing workshops is $5000 which covers artist stipends, rent and materials.

Donations are encouraged!

You can either donate at the workshop in person when you attend

The goal of this ongoing community project is to facilitate creative projects in support of All Souls Procession. To these ends we will be providing free public workshops. Traditional workshops of the procession such as mask making, lantern making and paper mache’ will be offered as well as support for larger creative visions. If you have a project and need help bringing it to life we are here to help.

People are welcome to make a mask, big head puppet, human-powered float, or art installation to be shown on Procession night. No experience is required, all ages are welcome. Wear clothes that can get dirty. Kids 14 and younger must be accompanied by an adult.  Feel free to contribute to these amazing workshops either with a cash donation or materials.  These have become a Tucson tradition and many formats are engaged such as:

Paper Globe lantern, Paper Pulp and Bread Masks, Paper Flowers, Sugar Skulls, human powered floats, big head puppets and almost anything you can dream up




Download a Puppet-Making Guide
Download a Mask-Making Guide

Note: These guides are made by community members like you and serve as a template to build your own creation for the ASP Weekend. We always encourage alternative methods.