All Souls Procession All Souls Procession

We remember together

Route map

The Procession with gather at 6th Avenue and 7th Street. Line up along 7th Street. If you plan to watch, not walk, DO NOT gather in this area. It will be very crowded. Instead, find a place further along the route. If you plan to walk, you can meet at the gathering area, or you can step into the Procession from anywhere along the route.


The Finale site west of Congress Street has multiple different areas. Please note that the yellow area is ONLY for floats and large/musical groups that plan to walk across the stage during the Domo at the beginning of the Finale ceremony. If you need handicapped accessible seating or have a sponsor pass, you will also enter the yellow area labeled “Procession float line up.”

All other participants can move into the lots to the west of Linda Ave or proceed along the  blue fence line on Linda Ave. to the Columbarium area.

All Souls Procession
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