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Journey Thru Grief Installation

Nov. 4-8, 2021

The Santa Cruz river walk as an experiential metaphor for the Journey of Grief.
Journey Through Grief is an opportunity to create and experience activated art installations along the Riverwalk as part of The 32nd All Souls Procession Weekend.
open 24 hours

“Activation Stations” invite the public to engage emotions brought by grief and loss. Using a “loose” model inspired by grief practitioners working in the various fields, participants can immerse themselves in the “natural” healing environment of the river and enact simple activities using the organic and already existing materials around them.

Workshops will be held prior to the main exhibition where participants can make more intricate and time consuming “art works” to be installed on the path-
for example wreaths woven from branches and flowers. 
Workshops based on “land art” principles, inspired by famous artists such as Andrew Goldsworthy and Nancy Holt  will also be offered during the lead up to the Procession weekend. 

Journey Thru Grief will be enhanced with the The All Souls App- See backstory, inspiration, simple instructions and an overview map of the installation as a whole. 

LOSS – Inspired by Sasaki Itaru’s “Wind Phone” in Otsuchi, Japan. Place a coin in the The Spirit phone and dial up your long lost relatives and friends. Stay on as long as you like. Say “Hello.” Say “Goodbye.”

PROTEST-Find a rock and throw it with all your might into the river. Repeat as needed.

SEARCH– Place a rock in the inscribed labyrinth on the Santa Cruz River Walk.

DESPAIR: Place a photo or memento in the URN or on the community altar at the

The All Souls Mausoleum.

RE-ORGANIZE: Using organic materials create artworks to hang in trees along the river. for Workshops click Here:

REPLENISH: Climb the stairs and Join in the 32nd All Souls Procession Finale Ceremony.

All Souls Procession
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