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Journey Thru Grief Installation

Nov. 4-8, 2022

The Santa Cruz river walk is transformed into an experiential metaphor for the Journey of Grief.
Journey Through Grief was composed of activated art installations along the Santa Cruz Loop as part of The 32nd All Souls Procession Weekend.
open 24 hours

“Activation Stations” invite you to engage emotions brought by grief and loss.

Using a “loose” model inspired by grief practitioners working in the various fields, participants can immerse themselves in the “natural” healing environment of the river and enact simple activities using the organic and already existing materials around them.

Free Workshops are held prior to the main exhibition where participants can make more intricate and time consuming “art works” to be installed on the path-
for example Cocoons formed from branches, paper and flour… 
Journey Thru Grief will be enhanced with The All Souls App- See backstory, inspiration, simple instructions and an overview map of the installation as a whole. 

PAUSE- Cactus Ossuary-Take a pause to reflect on life, death, and decay.  Jessica Flax created “Cactus Ossuary” to celebrate the beauty of the Sonoran Desert and honor the processes of death and decay. Saguaros grow slowly and live for hundreds of years, while a prickly pear plant might grow rapidly in response to rain only to topple after a heavy storm. Our arid environment preserves the bones of our beloved cactus, allowing them additional time to be revered even after death. 

LOSS Spirit Phone-Inspired by Sasaki Itaru’s “Wind Phone” in Otsuchi, Japan. Place a coin in the The Spirit phone and dial up your long lost relatives and friends. Stay on as long as you like. Say “Hello.” Say “Goodbye.” Sponsored by Pima County Health Department. Located at the corner of Linda Ave. and Calle de Los Higos.

PROTEST-Find a rock and throw it with all your might into the river. Repeat as needed.

SEARCHRock Garden- Rocks left over from the construction of the River walk can be picked up and placed on the scribed design near the Cushing Street Stairway.

Rock Spiral 2022- artist John Thierry

DESPAIR: The All Souls Mausoleum Place a photo or memento in the URN, Community Altar or under the Congress St. Bridge- Write your memoria in chalk on the bridge wall.

2021 All Souls Community Altar- artist Jose Duran

RE-ORGANIZE: Wishing Tree– foot of the stairs – Cushing Street Bridge- Bring a ribbon to tie onto the tree-

Ribbon Tree- Artist Sylvia Alvarez/ Homicide Survivors Inc.

REPLENISH: Finale Ceremony-Climb the stairs and Join in the 32nd All Souls Procession Finale

“Grief expressed out loud, whether in or out of character, unchoreographed and honest, for someone we have lost, or a country or home we have lost, is in itself the greatest praise we could ever give them. Grief is praise, because it is the natural way love honors what it misses.”

― Martin Prechtel, The Smell of Rain on Dust: Grief and Praise

All Souls Procession
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