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Nights of 1000 Parties

Photograph by Emily Ann Jones

Host a party for All Souls! All Souls Procession is people-powered and funded almost entirely by donations from individuals and small businesses.

One of our key fundraisers for the All Souls Procession is the Nights of 1000 Parties: house parties hosted by individuals–that’s you!–to help raise funds for the All Souls Procession.

Your house party could be a small dinner party, a big blow out with live music, a cake walk, a silent auction, whatever works for you! Just make sure your guests know it’s a fundraiser! (Note: House parties–that is, actually inviting people into your home rather than holding a public event–are by far the most effective way to hold a party fundraiser.)

All hosts will receive an All Souls Procession t-shirt and poster, and hosts who raise over $1000 will receive a pair of tickets for the VIP seating section at the All Souls Procession Finale ceremony.

We have a packet of resources for hosts and will try to (depending on when your party takes place) have someone from Many Mouths One Stomach at your party to answer questions and hang out with you!

Nights of 1000 Parties Host Application

  • House parties are by far the most effective fundraising parties. Much more so than public events. We encourage you to host a party at your home!
  • Do you have anything in particular in mind for the party? A Bloody Mary brunch, for instance. Or a cake walk. Or music jam. Throw the party that is natural to you!
  • How many people do you estimate might attend?
  • What's your goal for fundraising at the party?
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
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