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Personal Altars Vigil

Photo by Neal Savage.

Throughout time the living have created altars to preserve the memories of events and people that are important to us. Altars and shrines are one way to pay tribute to those that have passed. Typically, an altar is a sacred place where ceremonies take place. They occur in many cultures worldwide regardless of spiritual or non-spiritual beliefs. For example, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Shinto, Taoism and Animism are all known to create sacred spaces for those who have left their mark on our hearts.

The PERSONAL ALTARS VIGIL is an opportunity to pay homage to deceased loved ones, friends, ancestors, beloved pets, devastated communities, war-torn countries, and others by creating a personal altar in Armory Park in conjunction with the Procession of Little Angels. As the sun sets and candles are lit, the public will have an opportunity to view all the altars throughout the evening during this vigil.

This is a perfect event for those who don’t love crowds, have limited mobility, or would just like to set up a stationary installation for someone they love.

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For details on this year’s schedule, please see our calendar.

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All Souls Procession
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