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Spirit Groups

The Procession and Finale Ceremony could not happen without our extraordinary Spirit Group volunteers. The members of these Spirit Groups spend weeks to months preparing for their roles in the Procession. Depending on their role, they attend performance workshops, sort out logistics for how to support over 100,000 people, create costumes, and prepare themselves to engage with the deep emotions of tens of thousands of people.

Community Spirit Group

The Community Spirit Group consists of the Ushers, Ambassadors, and Attendants, all of whom are active in the streets during the Procession.

  • Ushers escort the Procession. They make sure floats and large groups are distributed appropriately in the Procession and communicate between the front and rear of the Procession so we know where all the people are! They are also available to answer questions for people in the street.
  • Ambassadors are the outreach group that passes out paper and pencils and explains to people along the street so that they can write messages and prayers for the Urn.
  • Attendants escort the Urn, collect messages for it, and accompany it on stage. They are silent escorts who receive the prayers, messages, and remembrances of 1000s of people over the night. You must be an Ambassador for two years before you can join this group.
Fire Spirit Group

The Fire Spirit Group is a cohort of fire performers with a wide range of experience levels. They engage deeply with the theme for the Finale Ceremony and are integral to creating the ritual and performance magic of the Finale Ceremony. Their director is typically a professional fire performer from Flam Chen, but the rest of the members are usually community volunteers.

Stilt Spirit Group

The Stilt Spirit Group is typically led by a professional stilter from Flam Chen, but the rest of the members are usually community volunteers of varying experience levels. They typically join in at the Procession of Little Angels on the Saturday of Procession weekend, helping to create a magical environment for the children and families. Then the join the Procession at a mid-point and continue with it to the Finale site, where they are an integral part of the Finale Ceremony.

Aerial Spirit Group

The Aerial Spirit Group is typically led by a professional aerialist from Flam Chen, but the rest of the members are usually community volunteers with at least a year of aerial experience. They typically signal the beginning of the Finale Ceremony by popping the flares. Then their aerial performance is an integral part of the Finale Ceremony.

How to Get Involved?

If you would like to join any of these groups, just fill out our volunteer application. We will add you to our volunteer mailing list and send you more information on joining one of these groups.

  • Check the categories that describe volunteer work you may be interested in.
  • What experience or skills do you have that you think will be relevant to volunteering with Many Mouths One Stomach and the All Souls Procession?
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