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The Children’s Altar

Photo by Warren Van Nest

Out of concern for the health and safety of friends and families, MMOS will Not be holding a public event for Procession of Little Angels.  Distance today Hugs Tomorrow.

The Children’s Altar is dedicated to the living memory of those young souls who come and go so quickly in this world but remain active and alive in our hearts, our minds, and our acts. It’s a community project in which all are invited to participate, and no prior experience of any kind is necessary.

We are seeking offerings that celebrate the lives of these children and their beautiful, enduring spirit. These memorial expressions can take just about any form for display at the altar site. This could be anything from a simple message or decoration to photos, toys or other objects, or more elaborate expressions such as a poem, a drawing, collage, painting or sculpture.

Both individuals and groups alike are invited to make offering for the Children’s Altar. As an example, an organized group effort such as a classroom could make tissue or origami flowers for Altar decoration, or a mural.

Offerings may be reclaimed, given to the Altar for ongoing memorial in the future, or requested to be burned in the Urn the following night at All Souls Procession.

If you’d like to bring something to help co-create the Children’s Altar this year, fill out the form below¬†and let us know. We thank you.

The Children's Altar

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All Souls Procession
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