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Route map

The route is on the West side, paralleling the Santa Cruz River.

It begins on Grande Avenue south of Speedway Boulevard, turns left on St. Mary’s Road, then right onto Bonita Avenue.

Pedestrians will be able to take the Riverwalk route by exiting left from Bonita Ave before Congress Street. There will be dancers, altars, and installations along this route. (Floats and others who do not want to tackle the stairs from the riverwalk up to Cushing Street will want to continue on Bonita Ave. and then right on to Congress Street to access the Finale Site.)

Together we will flow around the Garden of Gethsemane toward the Finale Site, situated between the river and the Mercado San Agustin.

The route is about 1.5 miles and we walk slowly. You will be walking in city streets and in an unfinished dirt lot. So wear comfy shoes, bring water and a flashlight, and plan for your needs accordingly. Consider starting further along the route if you need to.

Please keep an eye out for each other! Look out for floats, stilt walkers, and other people who will need a little extra space to be safe and help make sure that they get it. And, as always, please see our All Souls Procession Guide for more details on how to create a safe and enjoyable experience.

Details on parking and public transportation will be announced on our parking page closer to the Procession.

2018 Route Map


One of the concerns we hear frequently is “it was too crowded where I was sitting.” The Procession is not primarily designed as a spectator experience—it is intended as a participatory experience for people to walk, roll, ride, or otherwise move through the streets in honor of their loved ones. When the Procession arrives at your location, it won’t be an orderly parade down the center of the street. It will be a peaceful mass of people, and you may not be able to see much from the side of the road.

That said, if you prefer or need to sit, there are ways to make the experience positive for you.

In the map below, we’ve noted locations that tend to be congested along the sides of the street (typically the beginning and end of the route) and others that tend to have fewer people. The middle of the route frequently has very few spectators. So if there are too many people where you are, move! In just a block or two, you will likely find plenty of space.

If you are not walking in the Procession, but are watching from the sidewalk, please stay on the curb as the Procession approaches you. Once the Urn & taiko drums pass, feel free to step in and join the Procession.

Map showing good and bad locations to watch--also covered in text on page.

Finale Site Map

Please note the locations of port-a-potties, merch booth and Urn message drop off, handicap seating, food trucks, etc.

Specific locations will have truss with color coded lighting to help you find them. Lighting codes for location on-site:

  • Red: bridge through fencing
  • Green: Merchandise Booth, Urn message drop off, and Ghost Buskers
  • Blue: VIP/Handicap seating


All Souls Procession
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