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2015 Finale Musical Guest

We are thrilled to welcome Grey Filastine and Nova as the 2015 Finale Ceremony musical guests.

Grey Filastine is the composer of a gritty electronic music that collides the lowest frequencies of bass music with the highest-level beat science, acoustic instruments and field recordings. His work often features Javanese indie rapper Nova and avant-garde cellist Brent Arnold.

Filastine creates tracks so geographically and chronologically diverse that they sound less like “world” music and more like music from another world. Pitchfork TV

Filled with both jagged edges and moments of sad sweetness…sure to win fans across multiple scenes. XLR8R

An uncompromising, unfettered alternative soundtrack to Life On Earth. Discontent

For those of you who like to know what’s coming, Filastine will play “Colony Collapse” (video below) for the Urn ignition and burning. Take a listen!


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