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All Souls Procession Weekend Guide

The Procession is an enormous community-created, non-commercial event to creatively honor and celebrate our dead. Open to all cultures, all traditions, all art forms, all people. Free to participate. Funded by donations from people like you. Please do your part and contribute today. The barricades, the police services, the port-a-potties—all of those are paid for…

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Walking the Ghost River: 2017 Procession Route

In the desert, one finds the way by tracing the aftermath of water. ~ Alison Deming, as quoted by Ken Lamberton The All Souls Procession is moving this year. While the Finale site will remain the same, the starting point and route are changing. History This move is just the latest in a long history…

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Interview: Jessica Gonzales, 2017 Poster Artist

Jessica Gonzales has been creating art in Tucson for years—including a stunning mural on Scott Street downtown—and this year, she created the artwork for the All Souls Procession poster. You can purchase art prints of this year’s poster at Tucson Thrift Shop, English Salon Spa, Yikes Toys!, and more locations to be announced soon. We…

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Finale Ceremony Theme 2017: The Marriage of the Sun and Moon

In honor of our collaboration with the Tucson Symphony Orchestra, we present “The Marriage of the Sun and Moon,” an homage to the roots of Western classical thought, drawing on the artistry of Medieval and Renaissance alchemical and hermetic texts. Modern science has its roots in the alchemical experiments of ancient Greece and Hellenic Egypt,…

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Creativity & Memory: Art Installations 2016

Continuing the Procession’s tradition of artistic expression as a way of expressing and understanding grief, the 2016 All Souls Procession Finale site will feature multiple art installations. A couple of them will be familiar from last year, but most of them are brand new. These artists grapple in different ways with grief, death, memory, and our place…

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To Photograph or Not to Photograph

The Procession is full of amazing costumes and art. There is so much visual wonder that the impulse to reach for a camera can be overwhelming. And we all love to look at photos of the Procession afterwards! But the Procession is also a delicate mix of somber and celebratory. It has deep emotional undercurrents that…

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The Official All Souls Procession Mobile App!

The Official All Souls Procession Weekend Event Guide app is live on iOS and Android! Be sure to update your app if you purchased it last year so that you have all the latest information. Stay up to date on all the events, happenings, route map and workshops. You can find it for FREE on…

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