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Meet our 2023 Guest Artists and Performers!

MMOS is thrilled to invite SORIAH back to the Finale Ceremony for 2023.

Cathartes, the latest album by internationally acclaimed throat singer and ritual artist Soriah in September 2021, is an evocative, exhilarating listening experience that invites its audience on a sonic journey to the distant steppes of Siberia (and beyond, into the celestial realm). At the same time, his music is firmly rooted in relevant and timely topics facing humanity as we grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic and socio-political unrest. 

Listen to his music and see videos here: SORIAH (Portland/Tuva)

Anastazia Louise is the founder and artistic director of Bad Unkl Sista, a performance art ensemble that combines unique choreography, improvised music, couture costuming, and physical theater elements to produce site-specific durational performances that seek to provoke and inspire – changing how witnesses relate to the performers, to the world, and to themselves. Since 2002, she has produced hundreds of performances for local, regional, and international promoters and festivals

See more here : Bad Unkl Sista( New Mexico/ SF)

Earthseed Rising is a Tucson, Arizona based network of multigenerational creatives, animists, healers, and storytellers working our magic at the intersection where culture, learning, activism, and creative expression converge. We invite communion with earth, elements, and other-than-human powers through art as ritual practice.

We embody a liminal sense of reality that invites deep relationship with dreaming, symbols, creative impulse, communion with earth, ancestors, and the invisible realms that enfold us.

We embrace an emergent, expansive consciousness that disrupts conventional binary rationality in favor of a holistic reality that acknowledges the value of ancient wisdom and technologies.

Read more Here: Earth Seed Rising (Tucson)

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