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Magical Moments from 2023

The Eagle’s Eye View of the  #allsoulsprocessiontucson Finale 2023-

As Artistic Director for the All Souls Procession Weekend-

I get to experience some very magical moments every year-

 In the hot summer- wondering what this year will be like- reading Alejandro Jodorowsky’s PSYCHOMAGIC and feeling the resonance of a parallel path- 

meeting the sweet and talented Lin Lucas and knowing the Earth Seed Rising Dancers were a perfect first for this year- 

Meeting Bad Unkl Sista again- after many years and the synchronous and visionary trio that emerged between She, Aurelia Cohen and me- as we created the Finale choreography.

Setting lights in the cold and dark with Heather Cossette.

Learning to walk slowly with our gifted Stilt Walkers.

Listening to Marco from TLS talk about how he dreamed the Obelisk would be assembled- How it lit up with the faces of everyone’s friends and family and then was disassembled by our friends at Hook Crane.

The Clean-up Crews that were headed up by Sydney Takigawa and Sean Rogers cleaned the District and Route so well it looked reborn on Monday morning-

The Dance of the Dead Crews laughing and working at the doors, taking in the money from thousands of people that would in turn go to pay for the Weekend.

Collaborating with INRAVE and AZ RAVE FAM to bring the best vibes on Friday nights. 

Sharing Cacao and listening to the transportive sound of Steve Roach set the stage for the day to come.

Working with Gloo factory and Miss Shadow to make Golden Shirts and beautiful posters.

Butt rubbing with Norma and watching people’s most reflective and intimate moments as they stood in front of the beautiful Ofrenda she and her brother Jose Duran erected on the Avenida.

Unloading the flower truck that came from Magdalena and meeting Juan the “Babaluaye” from Costa Rica who was there one minute and then gone the next- 

Also the crazy scarecrow and the Red Devil Machete man- If you saw them- you know.

The Pieces of Us dresses and suits surrounded by the photos of everyone’s beloved dead- all in good company.

and the 

DOMO when we all get to see other ’s beautiful creations and offerings and validate each other’s presence and all of the magical moments become one moment- 

and then- the moment is over and all other moments come and go-

Thank you Tucson- I wasn’t born here- but you have given me everything that matters.

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