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Interview: Jessica Gonzales, 2017 Poster Artist

Jessica Gonzales has been creating art in Tucson for years—including a stunning mural on Scott Street downtown—and this year, she created the artwork for the All Souls Procession poster.

You can purchase art prints of this year’s poster at Tucson Thrift Shop, English Salon Spa, Yikes Toys!, and more locations to be announced soon.

We had an opportunity recently to sit down with her to talk about her experience of the Procession and her process for creating the poster.

What inspired you to create this particular image for All Souls 2017?

I’ve always been very moved by the collective effort, creativity, and hard work that goes into the various facets of All Souls each year. Its creation is a year-long journey that begins as a bud, is nurtured by the community it calls home, is given nourishment by its supporters so that it grows, blooms, and eventually explodes into a colorful celebration of life. The finale performance always feels like a life-altering experience that powerfully concludes this journey. I wanted to honor the life-cycle by capturing a piece of that experience.

Were there any particular struggles or challenges you had creating this piece of art?

The biggest struggle was deciding how to fit such a huge collection of inspiring imagery into one single piece of art—how to hone in on some of the strongest elements and edit out the bits that weren’t necessary.

Can you tell us about a personal experience that you had at the Procession that meant a lot to you?

There have been so many over the years, it’s hard to choose one. I’ve honored my grandmother, great-grandmother, been so inspired that my chest nearly exploded, connected with friends in a new way, and fallen in love. All of these experiences, collectively, mean the world to me.

Is there anything you want to add?

The All Souls Procession really has become a part of me, and having the chance to create this image is like a tiny dream come true. Thank you!

Jessica Gonzales (left) with long-time Procession volunteer Davina Araiza. Photo by Kathleen Dreier Photography.
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