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Spirit Guardians Workshop

Instructor Allison Dee

October 24, 2020 5:30-8:30 pm

MSA Annex Festival Grounds 267 South Avenida de Convento 85745

In 2019, the Liminal Witness Project created Cellophane Spirit Guardians (aka Illuminated Ancestors to accompany stilt walkers and All Souls Procession participants along the Ghost River Walk. These cellophane spirits were lightweight and very simple in their construction. The materials required were minimal.

Creating Cellophane Spirits reminded us that our loved ones walk with us and guide us always. Even when we are not thinking of them directly, their influence is always there. 

Your absence has gone through me like thread through a needle.
Everything I do is stitched with its color. W.S. Merwin

During the creation of these figures, Liminal Witness artists discussed what we would want to share with our loved ones who have passed. Love. Celebration. Comfort. Acceptance. Joy. Peace.

Each of our figures displayed a different gesture to convey these sentiments: arms raised in celebration, extended in welcoming acceptance, lifted as if dancing, bent as if to share a hug.

And over the days we spent creating them, we started naming them, interacting with them, and genuinely sharing our emotions with them and through them. 

On the day of the event, we carried them high above the crowd, illuminated to guide us down the dark path, to emerge into the festivities at the end of our meditative walk.

This year, participants are invited to make their own Cellophane Spirits. 
Our workshop will offer basic guidance on making the cellophane forms, with suggestions on exploring different gestures.

You are strongly encouraged to bring as many materials as you are able to acquire on your own.
Limited materials will be available for sharing during the in-person  workshop.

Suggested Donation $10
You will need:
Wig head or large Balloon
scissors and/or box cutters
plastic wrap
clear packing tape
Scotch tape
clear plastic garbage bags – the bigger the better.
Battery-powered Led Light Strands
Again, materials will be available, so if you can’t bring supplies, please come just the same!

Mannequins will be available to use during the build, but if you’d prefer to use your own body, please wear form fitting apparel, and bring thin flexible cardboard (think cereal box or similar).
Do you have a mannequin or mannequin parts that
you can share during the in person workshop?
Please bring what you have

All Souls Procession
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