All Souls Procession All Souls Procession

We remember together

Community Workshops

A series of Free and Donation Workshops at various locations around Tucson.

XEROCRAFT MAKERSPACE opens it’s doors during All Souls Season to make your project come to life! Come work in the Big Yard with Access to Wood Shops, Metal Shops and 3D printers-

October 27-29- 8am-10pm

November 1-3- 8am-10pm

Memorial Lantern Making — (toronagashi) with Odaiko Sonora

Free -Takamatsu Restaurant, 5532 E Speedway, Tucson

Thurs & Friday, Oct 26 & 27, 5-7:30pm


Oct. 17 & 24 6-8pm Oct. 21 & 18 3-5pm

Solar Culture Gallery 31 E. Toole Tucson AZ. 85701


Pieces of US a collaboration between MMOS and Homicide Survivors

Ghost Dresses and Suits

Day One:  Storytelling Saturday Oct. 7, 12-4pm

Re-membering and sharing the important moments in the stories of the people we miss.

Distilling those memories to the words that hold impact and emotion for us.

Day Two:  Adding Stories to Dresses East Hive

Saturday Oct. 14, 12-3pm

Materials: paper, ribbons, pieces of fabrics, dresses, suits of clothes,

Lead: Nadia Hagen

Embodying our loved ones in their suits of clothes by adding intentional words, pictures and embellishments that transform clothing into art. 

Day Three: Decorating Dresses and Suits & Mounting Armatures

MSA Annex Sunday Oct. 22 1-3pm

Materials: wire, pliers,needle and thread

Lead: Nadia Hagen

Creating wire frames that “ flesh out” our  sculptures. Mounting them so they are sturdy in wind and rain. 

Day Four: Adding to the Altar MSA Annex

Monday Oct. 23 & Tuesday Oct. 24, 24 noon- 2pm

Materials: wire, pliers, fabric pens, ribbon

Creating the public displays of “the ghost dresses” for others to see and share. Adding more decoration-

Community Altar Dedication Nov. 2, 2023 6pm- Tell Your Story and Share Your Creation

No registration/ Drop-ins welcome

More Workshops on our FB Page

All Souls Procession
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