All Souls Procession All Souls Procession

We remember together

Theme 2020


This passage  is from the amazing book, “Emergent Strategy, Shaping Change, Changing Worlds,” by  Adrienne Maree Brown.

“When I was young I was taught to fear big forces of nature — tornadoes, thunderstorms, snowstorms, ¬†hurricanes. Taught they cause destruction and devastation. Taught to hide under desks, in basements, to stay close to home.

For me, somatic work has been about relearning and reconnecting to the wisdom and life in natural forces. That what is most alive leads to opening, creating, change. That in the destruction of something lies a whole new world of possibility — a place where patterns can finally become unhinged and there’s space for something new to take its place. Not that this doesn’t come without loss, grief, devastation, it so often does.

But to see that there’s also resilience, the beauty of survival, the move to create and thrive despite what surrounds us. To me that is the essence of our fights for liberation.”
— Spenta Kandawalla

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