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We remember together

2023 All Souls Mausoleum

A Physical collection space for Prayers and Mementos to be placed on the Community Altar or burned in the Urn during the 2023 “Restoration of Care” Ceremony.

The Mausoleum will be accessible from October 27 thru Nov. 7- (next to the Main entrance of Avenida del Convento- facing A Mountain)

Ancestors Digital Wall on display 6pm to 9pm nightly-

MSA ANNEX (267 Avenida Del Convento)

Pastor Jose Duran and his crew have erected the Community Altar in the Mercado District for the past 8 years-Providing a sacred space for everyone to honor the Dead in the tradition of Dia De Los Muertos.

Volunteers help 10/23/23 set up and tear down after 11/7/23-10am-2pm

You are invited to place candles, pictures and mementos on the Community Altar.

Ancestor’s Project Images can be submitted HERE from all over the world to be honored in 2023.

Community Altar Blessing  

Nov. 2, 2023  6pm with Jose’ Duran and Danza Azteca Grupo Coatlique

Tell Your Story Video Booth hosted by Homicide Survivors Inc.

Share your stories with survivors and the All Souls Procession Community.

All Souls Procession
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