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Dance of the Dead – Concert Series

Dance of the Dead is a 3-day music and art festival in Tucson, Arizona. All-ages events showcase artistic talent from all over the United States, from national and local bands, live art, unique wares, and local vendors. Dance of the Dead was created to support the All Souls Procession Weekend.  It is the ONLY ticketed event of the weekend—All Proceeds go to fund the Procession costs.


Friday 11/3  7pm- Midnite

ActivateFlow 4 the Soul w/ Inrave and Flam Chen

Friday 11/3 5:30pm- Midnite

Transform– Session Yoga- Cacao Ceremony w/ Ricky Abud

An immersive sonic concert experience with Steve Roach

Saturday 11/4  8pm- Midnite

Celebrate– Official After Party@ MSA Annex  March Fourth Marching Band  
DJ Herm & Friends @Mercado



All Souls Procession
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