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Protecting the Procession with Love: Tucson Angels

Woman dressed in white and smiling holding a sign that reads "The awful words you hear are called hate speech. I am not with this man." In front of a man wearing a shirt that reads "Fear God" and who is holding a bullhorn.
Photo by Warren Van Nest, 2017.

It takes all sorts of volunteers doing all sorts of things to make the Procession happen. This Tucson Angel is one of them. She and her predecessors have been working with the Usher & Ambassador crews for five years to help keep the Procession kind.

Gratitude to her—and to all the other volunteers—for her service to us all.

From photographer Warren Van Nest:

“I was really, really impressed with this method of dealing with a very obnoxious guy that is often seen on campus and at events such as the Procession. She just stood silently in front of him, smiling and slowly flipping through cards on which were written things such as:

‘There will always be bullies. His words do not represent the Christian faith.’

‘His words are only sound and fury – a squawk on the wind. You are safe. You are loved.’

‘The awful words you hear are called hate speech. I am not with this man.’

Very effective and non-confrontation way to deal with this guy. She and her message got the attention, not him. As it should be.”

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