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2018 All Souls Procession Finale Musical Guest: XIXA

The desert has a frequency, a sound you can hear in the wilds around. XIXA tunes in and warps it, in glittering, gritty psychedelic cumbia tracks on their debut album, Bloodline (Barbès Records/Glitterhouse Records, February 2016), an expansion on their recent EP Shift and Shadow. An earlier incarnation of XIXA started by playing covers of…

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Interview: Jose Luis Gomez, Music Director Tucson Symphony Orchestra

This year, the Finale Ceremony music will be performed by 50 Tucson Symphony Orchestra musicians, led by Jose Luis Gomez, the new Music Director of the Symphony. We could not be more excited! Our Technical Director, Paul Weir, has rented a beautiful tent to accommodate the musicians’ delicate instruments. It will feature prominently in the…

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Finale Ceremony Theme 2017: The Marriage of the Sun and Moon

In honor of our collaboration with the Tucson Symphony Orchestra, we present “The Marriage of the Sun and Moon,” an homage to the roots of Western classical thought, drawing on the artistry of Medieval and Renaissance alchemical and hermetic texts. Modern science has its roots in the alchemical experiments of ancient Greece and Hellenic Egypt,…

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