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Theme 2021

Journey Thru Grief

The Procession and Ceremony as an active metaphor for the emotional states of processing grief.

Loss. Search. Protest. Despair. Organization. Re-Establish. Replenish.

We know that the Journey Through Grief does not end.

It changes.

It transforms.

We know we help to shift and hold grief differently by what we do.

By Showing up.

By collecting our Prayers and making ourselves available for the fleeting infinite Moment.

By doing this Work, we help to create a new structure as it pertains to grieving. 

And we allow ourselves to be recreated each year by coming together and doing this Work. 

We are interested in imagery that connects us to the land.

The crystalline structures within the mountain. The echo of those structures inside ourselves.

The marathon of the generations of Monarchs as they pollinate the wild.

The Journey we take along the path.

                                                                         – TRN Wolf and Nadia Hagen-Onuktav

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    Barbara says:

    Beautiful words and gorgeous poster image!

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