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Guest Column: Seeing With Heart by Houda

Houda in costume with blue eyeshadow and lipstick and wearing a blue and silver costume
Photo by Jody Greer Cummins.

Houda is a young refugee from Aleppo, Syria. Her first year in Tucson, she attended the 2016 Procession of Little Angels. 2017 was her first All Souls Procession, which she participated in as a member of the Community Spirit Group Ambassadors.

She spoke about her experience in the Procession on the radio show—Mn Huna: Finding Refuge in Friendship—that she co-hosts on KXCI Community Radio with her friend and Procession Volunteer Coordinator, Melanie Cooley.

An excerpt from the show:

“[P]eople was looking at me by their heart not by their eyes. And this is my first time I feeling I’m not different than American people. So that make me very like hope…for like…You know sometimes always I think myself I want back to some Arabic country because I’m different. But in the Procession I’m feeling I can be here. I can be with American people. Only just few minutes that changed very big change for me. And that in Procession happen.”

Visit the Mn Huna page on KXCI to listen to the whole episode.

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