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Theme 2022

A Sandstorm is a Seedstorm

We are well into the Land of a COVID shaped reality. Normality rests uneasy upon the surface while huge generational changes are crafting and re-creating The World and our Societies. Sandstorm. Seedstorm. The primal connection between chaos and creation. Destruction. Death. Rebirth. Regeneration. There are trees that need wildfires to germinate. Some Societies only shift and change through major upheaval. To crack the egg. To stretch the wings. To find Balance in this alchemical moment. To find the nexus point between dichotomous ideas and perch there, beautifully and precariously. It ain’t easy. But in truth, we belong to the Interconnectedness of All Things. And we shape Time as much as it shapes us. All of us as we move through our lives are Maelstroms and Hurricanes and Galaxies and Seed Scatterers and Pollinators and Storytellers. – TRN Wolf

Our theme this year takes inspiration from David Attenborough’s observation on a recent trip to the Sonoran desert- “The Haboob carries with it- not just dust and storm but millions of seeds that are dropped onto the desert floor.” Beyond resilience is an ability to not just “spring back” but Spring Forward.

Our planet is a dance of interconnected cyclical and complex systems. As illustrated so beautifully when sands of the Bodelli Basin blow across the Oceans to fertilize the soil of the Amazon that produces 1/5 of the oxygen we breathe.

Humans are the natural stewards of the planet. We are blessed with the ability to see patterns and cycles and systems. We see patterns so that we may assist in Balancing and Harmonizing the energy around us for the Benefit of All Souls.

 As Lucky humans with crafty hands, we can transform our appearance and take on the attributes of any of the earth’s creatures-

In the shadow of the difficult trials that life imposes on all of us-  

We invite you to appreciate the seemingly disastrous and destructive forces of nature- like Haboobs and Floods and Fires- as part of a complex system that destroys life to make room for more life.

This year, let us be Storms that carry seeds.- Nadia Hagen-Onuktav

2 thoughts on “Theme 2022”

    Holly Tolan says:

    I am dumbfounded and in tears. Tucson is on my heart. I have a burning desire to go to this festival. I don’t have the money to make it to Tucson yet but I know it my heart of hearts this is manifesting for me. The synchronicities of everything I have been calling in align to this article to a T. I awoke with the intention to spring forward this morning. Tucson represents my rebirth and a new start for me. I aspire to be like the trees and be a steward for the dear Mother Earth who I love so deeply. I dedicate the celebration to the death of my past self, the layers and fake personality forged by trauma that no longer represent me. I also want to mourn my friend Matthew who recently passed. Hope to see you in Tucson.

      Nadia Hagen says:

      Long Distance
      We so hope you can join us this year- but know if you are somewhere else physically- You are with us in spirit-
      Long-distance ways to connect: Submit a photo of your loved one to the Ancestor’s Project

      You can mail us a prayer that we will place in the URN
      MMOS POB 15 Tucson AZ. 85702

      You can watch the Ceremony on the Livestream- the Nov. 6, 2022 will go Live at 7pm

      Peace and Strength-

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