All Souls Procession All Souls Procession

We remember together

Who Pays for the Procession?

The All Souls Procession, Procession of Little Angels, Personal Altars Vigil, and All Souls Procession Workshops are all free to attend and always will be. We believe strongly that everyone should have access to the creative and healing power of this communal experiences of grief and celebration.

But the events are definitely not free to produce. Each attendee at the Procession costs Many Mouths One Stomach, the non-profit that organizes the Procession, about $1.50 in infrastructure and production costs. Approximately 70% of the Procession’s funding comes from individual and local small business donors. We quite literally could not make the Procession happen without the support of thousands of people who believe in what the Procession brings to Tucson, to our communities, and to our families and individual hearts. This is your Procession. Please donate anything you can to support it.

See the infographic below for details on budgets and funding. (In some browsers, you may need to refresh your screen for the infographic to display. If it does not display, you can view it here.)

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