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2016 Finale Ceremony Musical Guest: SORNE

This year, we are thrilled that SORNE will be joining us to contribute the musical ingredient for the Finale Ceremony. Several of our volunteers have had the opportunity to experience his performance in small venues in Tucson over the past few years, and we look forward to sharing him with a larger Tucson audience. It’s as if…

Many Mouths One Stomach 2015 $$ report

I know all of you are waiting with baited breath! Here it is the 2015 financial report for MMOS! We have come a LONG, LONG way and with your help will will go MUCH, MUCH farther! You can also download the PDF HERE.  

Toque de Huehuetl: Danza Azteca Callpulli Tonantzin

English by Melanie Cooley, Spanish translation by Lupe Lopez A long-held tradition of the Procession is the Domo: the invitation to floats, groups, and other community members to process across the stage at the beginning of the Finale Ceremony. Una tradicíon de nuestra Prosecíon es el Domo: esto consiste de invitar a las carrozas del…

Forgotten Ghosts of the Road

Every year, the Procession has a theme. We talked about 2015’s theme of UnMournable Bodies in a previous post—those people who our culture doesn’t consider worthy of public mourning. The ones we forget, turn away from, or are repulsed by. The Ambassadors—the group that offers paper and pencil to people in the street during the…

Posters of the Procession

Every year, a local artist’s work is selected to represent the Procession on posters, t-shirts, and other merchandise, the sales of which help fund the Procession. Over the years, we’ve had work from a diverse range of Tucson artists. Here are a few of the posters. (We are working on rounding up the files for…

“When is the Day of the Dead Parade?”

We get this question a lot. And there are a lot of misconceptions embedded in it. Clearing up those misconceptions can help you have a much more meaningful All Souls Procession experience. Parade vs. Procession Let’s start with the easy one: Parade. The All Souls Procession is not a parade as parade is commonly defined. Usually, when…

Who Pays for the Procession?

The All Souls Procession, Procession of Little Angels, Personal Altars Vigil, and All Souls Procession Workshops are all free to attend and always will be. We believe strongly that everyone should have access to the creative and healing power of this communal experiences of grief and celebration. But the events are definitely not free to produce….

2015 Finale Ceremony Theme

Every year, the Spirit Groups (the Fire, Stilt, and Aerial groups and the Community group of Ambassadors, Ushers, and Attendants who escort the Urn) have a theme that ties together all of their various projects. In past years, that theme has included a color and a concept. Lots of other folks have picked up on the…

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