All Souls Procession All Souls Procession

We remember together


A Sacred Time For Any and All Souls

by Karen Falkenstrom of Odaiko Sonora Who am I to understand this weaving? Growing up, holidays were a reason to shop, eat too much, and plan stressful (but mostly pleasant) family gatherings. I hadn’t experienced the ecstatic, rarified state said to come from spiritual practice yet (which came upon reading Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Bells”…

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Mama Hands

By Kristin Hedges, Mama of Nathaniel Lewis Hedges I have defined myself in a number of ways throughout my life. But since having had children, I am first and foremost a Mama. Being a Mama is physical work; hard, full-body work. There are butts to wash, food to cook, hair to comb, clothes to wash, beds…

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