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Finale Ceremony Theme 2017: The Marriage of the Sun and Moon

In honor of our collaboration with the Tucson Symphony Orchestra, we present “The Marriage of the Sun and Moon,” an homage to the roots of Western classical thought, drawing on the artistry of Medieval and Renaissance alchemical and hermetic texts. Modern science has its roots in the alchemical experiments of ancient Greece and Hellenic Egypt,…

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Creativity & Memory: Art Installations 2016

Continuing the Procession’s tradition of artistic expression as a way of expressing and understanding grief, the 2016 All Souls Procession Finale site will feature multiple art installations. A couple of them will be familiar from last year, but most of them are brand new. These artists grapple in different ways with grief, death, memory, and our place…

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To Photograph or Not to Photograph

The Procession is full of amazing costumes and art. There is so much visual wonder that the impulse to reach for a camera can be overwhelming. And we all love to look at photos of the Procession afterwards! But the Procession is also a delicate mix of somber and celebratory. It has deep emotional undercurrents that…

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The Official All Souls Procession Mobile App!

The Official All Souls Procession Weekend Event Guide app is live on iOS and Android! Be sure to update your app if you purchased it last year so that you have all the latest information. Stay up to date on all the events, happenings, route map and workshops. You can find it for FREE on…

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The Election & the Procession

We don’t usually try to influence what people do during the Procession–except ask that everyone follow some basic guidelines for safety and harmony. But this year the Procession takes place two days before a highly contentious Presidential election. So we thought we should say a few things. As unconventional as it looks, the Procession is essentially a…

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2016 Poster Art by Danny Martin

The Artwork of Danny Martin This 27th year of the Procession we worked with local Tucson based visual artist Danny Martin.  Danny’s  work relies solely on  expressive strokes – usually black and white deep contrasted images.  From comic book like scenes & surreal caricatures to extraordinary line work, vintage landscapes, neon signs and anything else…

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The Hunter & The Hunted: 2016 Finale Theme

UPDATE, Nov 2, 2016: For a fantastic in-depth look at how the Finale theme has evolved and taken shape since we originally wrote this post, check out Outfitting the Cycle of Life: Nadia Hagen Addresses Ritual and Spectacle in the All Souls Procession by Southwest Folklife Alliance.  Every year, the Finale Ceremony is unified by…

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2016 Finale Ceremony Musical Guest: SORNE

This year, we are thrilled that SORNE will be joining us to contribute the musical ingredient for the Finale Ceremony. Several of our volunteers have had the opportunity to experience his performance in small venues in Tucson over the past few years, and we look forward to sharing him with a larger Tucson audience. It’s as if…

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